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About Us


As enabling partner and lead advocate, the NCIP envisions genuinely empowered Indigenous Cultural Communities/Indigenous Peoples (ICCs/IPs) whose rights and multi-dimensional well-being are fully recognized, respected and promoted towards the attainment of national unity and development.


The NCIP is the primary government agency that formulates and implements policies, plans and programs for the recognition, promotion and protection of the rights and well-being of IPs with due regard to their ancestral domains and lands, self-governance and empowerment, social justice and human rights, and cultural integrity.

NCIP Strategic Directions,

I. Introduction

The lands of the indigenous peoples (IPs) that sustained lives for thousands of years are rich in resources. Their potentials, however, remain largely unexplored primarily due to their inaccessibility and conflicts.

To promote and protect the rights of the IPs, including their socioeconomic rights, the first step is to secure their lands through government issuance of an instrument that

Administrative Office
Ancestral Domains Office
Legal Affairs Office
Office on Education, Culture and Health
Office of Empowerment and Human Rights
Office of the Executive Directors
Office on Socio-Economic Services and Special Concerns
Office on Policy, Planning and Research Functions

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