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14 Feb: 11th Interagency Visitation of Chairperson, NCIP together with Commissioner

14 Feb: 11th Interagency Visitation of Chairperson, NCIP together with Commissioner for Region 3 and the Rest of Luzon Roland Rivera, Commissioner for Region 2, Norberto Navarro, Regional Director Atty. Roland Calde, Director, Office of Empowerment and Human Rights, Renaldo Dingal, Director Ancestral Domains Office Atty. Caesar Ortega, Director, Legal Affairs Office Atty. Gillian Dunuan, OIC – Director Administrative Service Ms. Rosanna Lingating, and AFP/PNP Contingent at Sition Sapang Kawayan, Capas, with the participation of the Community from the AKMA, AMTA, AYTA HUNGEY.
Before proceeding to the discussions of burning issues, the chairperson expressed the need for unified action by the community through their customary laws in engaging all kinds of issues affecting their rights. Resolving conflict through restorative justice rather than through legal remedies where penalties are imposed.
Then the Chairperson continued to discuss the 11 Building Blocks of a Resilient, Responsive, and Relevant ICCs/IPs from the 36 Specific Rights from the 4 Bundles of Rights provided for by the IPRA of 1997.
The burning issue of the 3 Clans is based primarily on their internal conflict caused by disunity and distrust between and amongst them that affected their application for Certificate of AD Title. – The 3 Clans agreed to settle their conflict through their customary laws, conflict resolution, healing and reconciliation, and further agreed to set aside first their individual claims to fast tract the CADT Delineation process.
For NCIP Region, Provincial and Central Office to participate in this Healing and Reconciliation.

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