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15 Feb: 12th Interagency Visitation of the Chairperson, NCIP with Commissioner

15 Feb: 12th Interagency Visitation of the Chairperson, NCIP with Commissioner for Region 3 and the Rest of Luzon Roland Rivera, Commissioner for Region 2, Norberto Navarro, RD3 Atty. Roland Calde, Director, Office of Empowerment and Human Rights, Renaldo Dingal, Director, Legal Affairs Office Atty. Gillian Dunuan, and OIC – Director Admin Svcs Ms. Rosanna Lingating in Maamot Proper, Barangay Maamot, San Jose, Tarlac, with the participation of the 5 IP Communities from:
1. R03-TAR-004-AD Mayatoc AD, Labney Proper, Sitio Padla, Sitio Cayaodan, and Sitio Payapa, Barangay Labney, Mayantoc, Tarlac
2. R03-TAR-010-AD Agus-Tala AD, Sitio Baag, Barangay Iba, San Jose, Sitio Manibukyot, Barangay Buena, Capas, Tarlac
3. R03-TAR-003-AD Socorro AD, Sitio Socorro, Barangay Moriones, San Jose, Tarlac
4. R03-TAR-008-AD ManiBaag AD, Sitio Baag, Barangay Iba, San Jose and Sitio Manibukyot, Barangay Buena, Capas, Tarlac
5. RO3-TAR-006-AD Maamot AD, Maamot Proper, So. Dirita, Tangan-Tangan, Bargy. Maamot, San Jose, Tarlac
Before proceeding to the discussions of burning issues, the chairperson expressed the need for unified action by the community through their customary laws in engaging all kinds of issues affecting their rights.
That the ADs of the ICCs/IPs are owned by them under the principle of Native Title, it is not given by the Government rather owned by them since time in memorial. This principle is exercised to correct historical injustice, however, as we correct historical injustice, this should not cause injustice to others.
Then the Chairperson continued to discuss the 11 Building Blocks of a Resilient, Responsive, and Relevant ICCs/IPs from the 36 Specific Rights from the 4 Bundles of Rights provided for by the IPRA of 1997 and the correlation of the 11 Building Blocks with the 12 Lines of Effort, NTF ELCAC Framework.
The burning issues and their corresponding ways forward were discussed as follows:
1. Not yet established because of conflict of Leadership, unfunded documentation activities – To access the GAA fund FY 2022 of the Gender and Rights Based Program and immediately conduct the IPS Documentation towards community assembly for community unification and empowerment
2. The IPOs are inactive – For NCIP Provincial office to support the IPO by conducting capacity building activities and establishing coordination with other partner agencies and stakeholders.
3. Illegal Selling of Land within the AD – Conducted Dialogue with the Office of the Mayor of San Jose, Tarlac to help the NCIP to stop the selling of land within ancestral domain. We have already submitted the report as an initial inventory to those people who entered in AD as well as LGU and non-IPs mostly located in Sitio Baag, San Jose, Tarlac LGU Approved and adopted the Resolution regarding the Prohibition on dealing and selling of land.
4. Application of AD by Abelling ICC at So. Dueg, hereafter, Municipality of San Clemente objecting the said application questioning the “since time immemorial” claim of the IPs – Conducted dialogue with the IP Leaders, Brgy. IPMR and council of Municipality of San Clemente together with the Municipal Mayor
5. Due to non-availability of funds there are no are no established organization to lead the ADMO, no ADSDPP Formulated, no CRMDP – For NCIP Provincial Office to access the FY 2022 GAA fund for Gender and Rights Based Services Program while coordinating with partner agencies for implementation of programs that will support the community in addressing funding issues for establishing and managing their ADMO, ADSDPP and CRMDP
6. Non-Compliance by DENR of FPIC Processes after expiration of pasture land contract between DENR and Vallejo Farm, and on Tree planting program activities as well as non- compliance to FPIC by the DPWH by constructing Capas-Botolan Road and construction of ViewDeck by the LGUs – For IRM JRTF to be coordinated with the OEHR. That in all construction developments where there could be generation of income by the community to encourage the proponents to partner with the ICCs/IPs.
7. On Balog Balog Dam, non- compliance by the NIA of their obligations under the MOA – Subject for Review and Enhancement to set by the Regional and Provincial office to conduct a dialogue with the Community and all other stakeholders to resolve all issues and concerns of the MOA
8. IPMR not seated since October 2021. Brgy. Captain claimed that they did not allot budget for the IPMR – Continue coordination and follow up on sent written notices to the Brgy. Captain requesting for explanation or justification for not seating the confirmed IPMR as well as follow – up on coordination letters to the Municipal and Provincial DILG of Tarlac City.
9. Implementation of NHA for the IP Housing Project – Follow – up on the submitted certification that Socorro AD is an Approved AD with Survey number ADs-0306-0012-Gni and the submitted Resolution from the community and LGU requesting for housing projects in the community
10. Pending DA Projects caused by lack of Cooperatives within the AD, Need for enhancement of livelihood and socio-economic projects from LGU and LGA – Discuss to the community the difference between IPO and Cooperative to during the first AD Visitation. Assisted in the registration of the cooperatives/association of Sitio Ayta IPs of San Pedro, Brgy. Iba, San Jose Tarlac. (Solid Indigenous New Adventure Guide- SINAG). Remind to walk-in clients per AD and during the IP Leaders meeting the importance to formulation of Cooperative per AD for Socio-Economic Assistances
11. ADDS implemented are the consolidation of Defense System in the whole Municipality of San Jose instead of per AD. ADDS formulated are weak – Conducted IEC during the first AD Visitation discussing the functions of Ancestral Domain Defense System. Conducted meeting with 3rd Mechanized Battalion on partnership towards strengthening the ADDS.
12. Finally, the Chairperson encouraged the community to create their Email Addresses, to continue their coordination with LGU, AFP, DSWD, DENR and all other NGAs and Stakeholders in addressing their concerns. Then further encouraged the community to open an account and gave a reasonable amount
The program officially closed by giving the community their copies of the Coffee Table Books, NCIP Annual Reports for FY 2019 and 2020 and NTF ELCAC FY 2019 as advocacy materials for the full recognition, respect, promotion and protection of the ICCs/IPs.

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