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The NCIP concluded its 2019 Mid-year National Management Conference(NMC) that ran for 3 days (July 30-August 1,2019), held at Hive Hotel, Quezon City, with 50 participants from top & middle management including technical staffs from the regions.

Consistent with the NMC theme, “Building the ICCs as Peace Zones: A Continuing Challenge”, Chairperson Allen A. Capuyan on his opening message shared his Leadership and Management Guide for NCIP which are as follows:
1. Let’s do a Complete Staff Work
2. Let us all be a team player and problem solver
3. Let us submit to one another
4. Let us be servant leader
5. Let us not be fault finder but solution seeker
6. Let us be accountable to each other not conscious of rank and position but conscious of responsibility
7. We do things as unto the Lord for His Glory and not to please Man
8. We must be disciplined on Time Management
9. Always consider your day in Office as if it’s your last day. “

For 3 days including night sessions, participants actively engaged in group discussions & workshops. Due to time constraints, some issues & concerns were not fully addressed. However, it was agreed that these be taken-up separately after complete staff work & pursue resolving concerns immediately.

Overall, the objectives of the NMC were achieved with the following key agreements, to wit:

1. Need to improve on reportorial requirements, analysis of physical accomplishments congruent to financial; ensuring project implementation n cash utilization by end of FY 2019.
2. Fast track the submission of AD Profiles; Deepen the data required & provide real picture of AD situation through the issues/concerns, actions taken & recommendations.
3. Fully Implement Communication Plan with enhancing visibility of NCIP, improve the image, foster transparency & capacitate ICCs/ IPs through sharing knowledge & information.
4. Validate list of ethnic groupings & actively participate on the 2020 POPCEN.
5. Continue the finalization of the IP Master Plan, anchored on the AD & Community Situationer & the crafting of NCIP Strategic Plan. Submission set on August 6, 2019.
6. Formulate the M&E consistent to SPMS (OPCR).
7. Further discussions on policy review, harmonization of existing laws & IPRA, Bureau’s synergy & convergence with Regions.
8. Strengthen partnerships with CDA & DA, including other agencies through NTF70 & PDP.
9. Address issues/concerns raised by the ‘IP Ambassadors of Truth’.
10. Immediate action on Joint Administrative Order No. O1 series of 2012. Convey to DENR, DAR, LRA.
11. Strengthen FPIC compliance (405 Certification Precondition (CP) issued)
12. Inventory of military reservations in Ancestral Domains.

The NMC ended with motivational messages from Chairman, Commissioners & Executive Director, for everyone to be purposive, sustain the gains, enhance performance, unite & protect the community, excell as public servants with a compassionate heart of serving the ICCs/IPs.

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