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Porac, Pampanga – Officers and members of the Ugnayan sa Pag-unlad ng Tarik, Inc. (UPTI) welcomes anew representatives from the Department of Agriculture Central Luzon in today’s turn over of the argicultural component of the “Kabuhayan at Kaunlaran Para sa Kababayang Katutubo” or 4Ks which include the following:

-250 seedlings Certified (Carabao variety)
-200 seedlings Rambutan (Rong rein variety)
-200 seedlings Lanzones (Duko variety)
-40 pouch of tomato seeds
-40 pouch of eggplant seeds
-40 pouch of squash seeds
-40 pouch of sili sigang seeds
-40 pouch of hot pepper seeds
-40 pouch of bitter gourd seeds
-40 pouch of sitaw seeds
-40 pouch of okra seeds
-40 pouch of pechay seeds
-25 units Knapsack sprayer

Last June 13, 2022, UPTI also received 450 chickens for the livestock raising component of the 4Ks. Today’s turn over at Barangay Villa Maria, Porac, Pampanga was led by officer from DA-4Ks Program Region III, assisted by Tribal Affairs Assistant Ms. Marilyn Bulatao of the NCIP.
Aside from UPTI, several other IP Cooperatives and Indigenous Peoples Organizations in Pampanga are currently implementing the 4Ks project which include:

1. Mt. Ginilan Agricultural Cooperative (MGAC) in CADT 57-A (Mawakat, Floridablanca)
2. Samasama sa Kaunlaran Para sa Pagsulong ng Barangay Ayta Inararo, Inc. (SKPBAI) in CADT 123 (Inararo, Porac)
3. Usbong Katutubo Indigenous Peoples Agriculture Cooperative (UKIPAC) in CADT 123 (Camias, Porac)

NCIP Pampanga Community Service Center envisions sustainability by ensuring that all 4Ks will go through Integrated Ancestral Domains Development Approaches (IADDA) of IP Socio-Economic including food sovereignty, capacity-building for IPO, holistic development, convergence/whole-of-government, and community-based (ADSDPP).

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