A joint inspection was conducted March 26, 2021 re the illegal settlers who also formed an association

‘Malasimbo Indigenous Farmers Association’ without an IP members and IPs consent at Mt. Mlasimbo, Gulang-Gulang, Brgy. Pita, Dinalupihan, Bataan. A coordination was done for the inspection of NCIP Bataan represented by OIC Mark Allan Diwa, Engr. Comising & Ms. Villen, together with the Municipal Planning and Development Office representatives, Municipal Assessor’s Office and the assistance of Philippine National Police.
It was discussed that the said illegal settlers will report to the Municipal Office & NCIP next week to show legal papers & basis of their occupancy of the area. But if none was shown, they will vacate the Ancestral Domain (AD) of Ayta Ambala Indigenous Peoples and should recognize & respect their rights to their AD.

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