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To accomplish its mandate, the NCIP shall have the following powers, jurisdiction, and function:

  1. To serve as the primary government agency through which ICCs/IPs can seek government assistance and as the medium, through which such assistance may be extended;
  2. To review and assess the condition of ICCs/IPs including existing laws and policies pertinent thereto and to propose relevant laws and policies to address role in national development;
  3. To formulate and implement policies, plans, programs, and projects for the economic, social, and cultural development of the ICCs/IPs and to monitor the implementation thereof;
  4. To request and engage the services and support of experts from other agencies of government employ private experts and consultants as may be required in the pursuit of its objectives;
  5. To issue a certificate of ancestral land/domain title;
  6. Subject to existing laws, to enter into contracts, agreements, or arrangement, with government or private agencies or entities as may be necessary to attain the objectives of this Act, and subject to the approval of the President, to obtain loans from government lending institutions and other lending institutions to finance its programs;


  1. Formal recognition of Ancestral Domains
  2. Control and management of Ancestral Domains
  3. NCIP’s capacity to deliver its mandate
  4. Destruction of the ecosystems within Ancestral Domains
  5. Non-compliance and violation of FPIC
  6. Pagkawala ng kultura ng IPs
  7. IP governance is weak
  8. Impact of government services is not felt
  9. Overlapping claims over Ancestral Domains
  10. Di pagkilala ng mga aghensya sa mga IP leaders
  11. Displacement of IPs from their Ancestral Domains
  12. Kakulangan sa kaalaman sa karapatan
  13. Discrimination of IPs
  14. Peace and Security
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