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CTB and AAR 2022 Turnover to Kulas

05 September 2023 | Content Creator Kyle Douglas “Kulas” Jennermann, the Canadian National behind the popular YouTube channel “Becoming Filipino” received a set of Project Epanaw’s Coffee Table Books (CTBs) and NCIP’s Annual Accomplishment Report (AAR) 2022.
The awarding was also an opportunity for Mr. Jennermann to share his experiences with the Indigenous Cultural Communities/Indigenous Peoples (ICCs/IPs) in Mindanao like the Blaans in Region XII to Ethnographic Commissioner for Central Mindanao Bo-i Jennifer Pia “Limpayen” Sibug-Las.
Mr. Jennermann came to Philippines in 2013 and dedicated his YouTube channel to feature the Philippines’ natural beauty, promote the country’s culture and its identity to the world. He expressed his love for Filipinos, respect to the Philippine culture, appreciation to its beauty. He will also take oath as a naturalized Filipino Citizen.

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