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Day 1 | 2nd National Management Conference (NMC)

31 July 2023 || National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) conducted the 2nd National Management Conference (NMC) at the NCIP Central Office in Quezon City.
NCIP Chairperson Capuyan led the NMC together with Bureau Directors, Division Chiefs, Regional Directors, Provincial Officers, Community Service Center Heads, and other NCIP employees. The NMC2 highlights the achievements/accomplishments and the responsible fund utilization for the 1st semester of 2023.
As a management tool, the NMC aims to monitor and further improve NCIP Programs, Activities, Projects to improve physical and fiscal performance of the agency.
During the first day, discussions were the total utilized budget for PAPs, that should be consumed prior on third NMC; and the budget proposal and project proposals for incoming year.
The NMC encourages NCIP to have an in-depth assessment of Commission’s performance and budget utilization, to come up with an action plan to further provide development of well-being of ICCs/IPs.
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