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DINGALAN, AURORA–The Domaget (Dumagat) Community Working Group (CWG) in Dingalan, Aurora will resume the work on their ADSDPP now in Phase 3 or the IP/AD Development Framework Formulation. Taking off from the validated AD and Community situationer, the Domaget ICC will once again collectively formulate the framework for their development as a people and the sustainable development and protection of their ancestral domain. This shall reflect their collective vision, mission, general objectives or long-term goals, priority concerns, and development strategies that will set the direction of the program or project identification and prioritization in the ADSDPP. The process shall involve the evaluation of alternative development options without compromise of the Domaget ICCs’ duties and responsibilities to their ancestral domain.
The concept of development that ADSDPP advocates and advances are centered on people and their environment. Full participation is ensured from informing to consulting, to partnership, and eventually to self-management. This secures the future generations of ICCs/IPs if the ADSDPP is formulated well and implemented in accordance with the principles of rights and responsibilities in the IPRA. The process and steps in the preparation of the ADSDPP shall ensure that the Domaget ICCs/IPs will have major leadership roles and full participation in the determination of their own development needs and priorities and subsequently how these needs and priorities shall be met as they formulate, implement and evaluate their ADSDPP.
The IP Development Framework Formulation is set to begin on April 26, 2021, at Barangay Matawe, Dingalan, Aurora, and with technical assistance from the NCIP Regional Office 3, NCIP Aurora Provincial Office, and NCIP Dingalan Community Service Center. Development partners from the Local Government Units. National Government Agencies, Civil Society Groups, and Non-Governmental Organizations are expected to join the AD Development Stakeholders Forum on the first day.

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