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29 June 2023 || A courtesy visit & cordial meeting took place between Executive Secretary Bersamin with 5 Lawyers and the Chairperson along with the Bureau Directors responsible for the Ancestral Domain Office (ADO), Legal Affair Office (LAO), and Office of Empowerment and Human Rights (OEHR).
The purpose of this meeting was to provide an update on the ongoing programs, projects, and critical concerns of the commission.
During the meeting, the Executive Secretary expressed his interest in being fully informed about the commission’s initiatives and instructed the Chairperson to organize a comprehensive presentation of the commission’s programs, Coffee Table Book (CTB), and Annual Report to be presented directly to the President in the upcoming days.
This presentation aims to provide a detailed overview of the commission’s achievements and challenges, offering valuable insights to the President regarding the work being carried out by the NCIP.

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