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Face-to-Face Training for the EAP and ICT Focal

February 18, 2023
The National Commission on Indigenous Peoples Region 3 and NCIP Region 02 conducted face-to-face training for the EAP and ICT focal from both regions on the implementation and utilization of the Educational Assistance Program Information System (EAPIS) which is the digitalized and efficient way on processing educational assistance applications.
The training was officially commenced through the opening remarks of NCIP Region 3 OIC-TMSD Chief Ms. Juna S. Sacpa together with the Regional EAP focal Ms. Ailyn C. Fabian.
Trainers from the NCIP Central Office were also present led by Mr. Genebee C. Nofuente from OPPR-ICTD together with Ms. Izel Charel M. Duarte and Ms. Maylene M. Cepe from the OECH. They discussed the features and step-by-step process using EAPIS from the application, verification, on-process, and approval stages of each entered data into the system.
The participants were also given the chance to use the system on their own and enter applications for them to be familiarized with its actual process.
Before the activity ends, NCIP Region 2’s TMSD Chief Ms. Mary Margaret Matute acknowledged the efforts of both regions and the trainers that despite the distance the activity was successful through the active participation and cooperation of everyone.

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