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August 3, 2022
Revitalizing Relationship with IPMRs and Levelling off the Activities of IPMR and NCIP.
Attendees: 49 IPMRs and 20 NCIP R3 Personnel
1.Status of COVID-19 Vaccination for IPs in Region 3
– vaccinated IPs in Region 3 achieved 44% but still target herd immunity is not yet met at 70%.
– Request for IPMRs assistance to help NCIP to meet at least 70% herd immunity target.
2.Discussion of Memorandum Order No 352 “Suspension of the Conduct of IPMR Selection Process in All Levels”
3. Issuance of Hold-Over Capacity
4.Passing of Ordinance for the use of IP attire on special occasions.
5.To pass Ordinance on free LTO registration
6.To engage IP college students on KOBO toolbox for easy access on IPMRs achievements
7.Plans for IP Day Celebration
8.Schedule with LGU’s (Sangguniang Panlalawigan) for the discussion of 11 Building Blocks.
9.FPIC process for Government Projects
– New guidelines will be posted to R3 IPMR viber group chat
11.Request letter for other Government Office assistance i.e provision of seedlings for DA
* Submit letter within two month to NCIP for endorsement of community request to concerned Government Agencies.

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