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LOOK || JUNE 15, 2021 (TUESDAY)

NCIP Calabgan CSC headed by Engr. Mark C. Basilio – CDO III conducted through a series of consultation/ investigation to the Agta IPs and Non IPs who were been involve in the illegal selling of Agta Ancestral Domain at So. Dimagipo, Barangay Cozo, Casiguran, Aurora.
After the face to face dialogue and discussions, the Agta IPs decided to settle the issues and concern through its customary process. The both parties possibly arrived into a execution of Agreement but they were requested the intervention of NCIP lawyers for a legal and technical assistance before its materialize or possibly the NCIP-lawyers attend during the meeting.
Engr. Basilio commits to coordinate and seek legal assistance to the NCIP lawyers.
The Agta Council of Elders of Dimagipo settlement shows their support to the issued National Advisory No. NA-2020-08-001 s. 2020 – Prohibiting the dealing, negotiation of selling and transfer of lands within AD by NCIP- Chairperson Allen Capuyan.
NCIP Calabgan CSC personnel assist during the meeting;
Michael V. Tudoc – TAA II
For. Franklin S. Blanco CAO I
Photo credit For. Franklin S. Blanco CAO I

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