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LOOK | Regional Management Conference (ReMCo) hosted by the NCIP Regional Office 3

Led by the NCIP Chairperson Allen Capuyan, NCIP Executive Director Rogelio Francisco Bantayan, Jr., Ethnographic Commissioner for Region 3 and Rest of Luzon Rolando Rivera, and Regional Director Atty. Roland Calde.
Highlights of the two-day ReMCo include:
1. Discussion of burning issues from seven provinces, mostly on IP Rights Violations (IPRVs), investigations and actions taken, and ways forward and recommendations;
2. Assessment of ongoing implementation of catch-up plans and current projects and activities identified in the agency’s physical plan. Discussions include congruence of physical accomplishment and financial status;
3. Updates on the implementation of the IPMR Guidelines, issues encountered and ways forward;
4. Discussion of partnerships forged, convergence initiatives, coordinated activities with development stakeholders;
5. Updates and success stories of the Project Epanaw activities;
6. Status of compliance to recent memorandums by the Central Office.
Provincial Offices and Community Service Centers actively participated and engaged in the discussions aimed at improving service delivery to our clientele, the Indigenous Cultural Communities/Indigenous Peoples (ICCs/IPs). Officers from the seven (7) NCIP Bureaus were also present in the ReMCo.

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