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MAEDUP! Community Development Journey of Domaget IPs of Dingalan

The Domaget (Dumagat) Indigenous Cultural Communities/Indigenous Peoples of Dingalan (Aurora) described their journey in the formulation of their Ancestral Domain Sustainable Development and Protection Plan (ADSDPP) as MAEDUP! The term literally means “live”, “to live” or “remain alive” in their local Tagebolus language. The Domaget ADSDPP Community Working Group (CWG) explained that it best captures their aspirations and pursuit for total community development. Not just to survive but to remain alive in their cultures and traditions for generations to come. It also embodies the richness of the biodiversity found in their ancestral land and ancestral waters and the delicate balance of their ecology.

The formulation process answered three guide questions–what is the condition of their community, what do they want to achieve, and how will they be able to do it as a community. The CWG acting as IP Researchers was formed in 2017 and the community started their planning process the same year. Today, their ADSDPP is nearing completion with only technical writing, LGU interphase, and stakeholder’s forum as remaining activities scheduled this third quarter of 2021. The Domaget Indigenous Cultural Communities in Dingalan hopes to finish publish their ADSDPP towards the end of this year.

The Domaget Vision of Development: “Pangarap naming mga Dumaget dito sa bayan ng Dingalan ang isang maunlad, maayos at mapayapang pamayan kung saan kami ay nagtutulungan at may pagsisikap na mapanatili ang kultura. [Pangarap namin ang isang] pamayanang may edukasyon, maayos na kalusugan, at maayos na bahay. [Pangarap namin ang isang] pamayanang walang balakid at kahirapan na aming mapagtatagumpayan sa loob ng aming lupaing ninuno.”

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