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Meeting with World Bank

Meeting with World Bank
15 May 2023 │ The National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) met with the World Bank at the NCIP Central Office Conference Room in Quezon City.
Present for NCIP were NCIP Chairperson Allen Capuyan, Ancestral Domain Office (ADO) Director Atty. Caesar Ortega, ADO – Acting Division Chief Engr. Shelley Calata, and Development Manager Officer Chairmaine Sibunga of NCIP Recognition Division; in attendance for World Bank were Dr. Lesley Arnold, Ms. Rumyana Tontchovska, and Ms. Alexis Abretia.
The meeting aimed to discuss Ancestral Domains delineation processes; status of Certificate of Ancestral Domain Titles / Certificate of Ancestral Land Title applications; challenges in managing land use, data sharing and coordination mechanisms among relevant government agencies; and NCIP’s plan to enhance land development, capacity development and inter-agency cooperation.
As a response for possible mechanism to achieve its plans and targets, the World Bank presented their projects on Centralization of Information – a centralized and decentralized approach; and data system modernization.
Highlights of the National IP Summit and the 11 Building Blocks of Resilient, Responsive and Resilient Indigenous Cultural Communities/Indigenous Peoples in the Ancestral Domain were also discussed to further explain the thrust of NCIP in upholding the rights and well-being of ICCs.
As ways forward, a dialogue between World Bank and relevant government agencies to address gaps on data modernization.
To conclude the meeting, copies of the Project Epanaw Coffee Table Books were provided to World Bank, by the Chairperson.

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