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NCIP Inter-agency Visitation with the Mayor of the Municipality of Porac, Pampanga

READ | NCIP Inter-agency Visitation with the Mayor of the Municipality of Porac, Pampanga, together with their Municipal PNP on 01 February 2022 at Porac Command Center, Barangay. Jalung, Porac Pampanga participated by the Ayta, IP community of CADT No. RO3-POR-0709-123 (CADT 123) of Porac, Pampanga.
During the visit the following Burning Issues were raised and discussed:
1. Non-Recognition of the IPS/IPO of the IP Community
2. Release of an LRA issued Land Title of the CADT 123
3. Gross disrespect of culture and tradition by the NCIP Employee against the IP Leader/Elder of CADT 123
4. AFP camp reservations overlapping within the CADT 123
5. NCIP issuance of CNO without consultation with the IP Community of the CADT 123
6. Deceptions injected by an identified person against the IP Community by claiming to be a representative of NCIP
7. Harassments against the IP Community by identified persons
8. Use of fraudulent documents presented by identified persons to deceive the IP communities and creating discord among them in order to gain access and operate within their ADs or even utilized to nullify the legality of their CADT.
9. Issues against the Ayson Properties and the IP Community in relation to the CADT 123
10. Issues against BCDA
The identified ways forward were as follows:
1. For the Regional Office with the participation of the Provincial and Central Office with ADO and OEHR to resolve the issue on non – recognition of IPS/IPO of CADT 123
2. The 11 Building Blocks of a resilient, responsive and relevant ICCs/IPs shall be the framework of all the NCIP officials and employees in engaging the ICCs/IPs
3. That the CADT 123 documents were endorsed by the NCIP Region 3 before the Register of Deeds for its immediate registration
4. To settle the conflict between the NCIP Employee and the IP Leader/Elder of CADT 123 through the IP Community’s Customary laws. Financial contribution by the NCIP Officials and the Mayor of Porac to fund the conduct of healing and reconciliation through customary laws and practices
5. Follow up on the formal request letter by the NCIP for the AFP to overlay the CADT MAPs with the AFP Military Locations nationwide to determine overlaps and identify ways forward.
6. For NCIP Bataan to assist the community in enhancing/updating the IP Community’s ADSDPP
7. Conduct of Joint Meeting with BCDA with the participation of the NCIP Regional, Provincial and Central Office
8. For the IP Community with the assistance of NCIP Pampanga to file case before the NBI and the PNP on reported allegations of fraud and harassments committed by identified persons against eh IP Community of CADT 123

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