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Floridablanca, Pampanga – Officers of the NCIP Pampanga Community Service Center, and IP Leaders of CADT 57-A met with officials of the Floridablanca Local Government Unit in a meeting today at the Municipal Hall to discuss the work plan and commencement of #ProjectKatighawan.

Derived from the term “Katighawan” which means a state of prosperity, unity, and peace in the Ayta Mag-indi indigenous language, the project is aimed to accomplish the following:
1. Census of Population ang Household (CPH) for the 5,400+ has ancestral domain of the Ayta Mag-indi ICCs/IPs using Kobo Toolbox Technology. The CPH will become a database for demographic information useful in all future community planning and this will be led by IP Youth of CADT 57-A.
2. Formulation of the Ayta Mag-indi Ancestral Domain Sustainable Development and Protection Plan (ADSDPP) which is the consolidation of all plans of ICCs/IPs within their ancestral domain for the sustainable management and development of their land and natural resources as well as the development of human and cultural resources based on their indigenous knowledge, systems and practices. The ADSDPP shall be the basis of the Five Year Master Plan for the Ayta Mag-indi ICCs/IPs of Floridablanca.
3. Preliminary documentation of the Ayta Mag-indi Indigenous Political Structure (IPS) and formation of the IPS-backed Indigenous Peoples Organization (IPO). The IPS-IPO is pivotal in the implementation of all community plans including the ADSDPP.

During the meeting, Floridablanca Vice Mayor Michael Galang expressed the LGU’s full support to the project and committed to do the following:
1. Assistance in the mobilization of all concerned departments to be part of the entire project cycle. Last February 10, 2022, Floridablanca Mayor Hon. Darwin Manalansan signed Executive Order No. 6, Series of 2022 creating the Committee and Technical Working Group for the updating of the CADT 57-A ADSDPP.
2. Various assistance during the conduct of social mobilization, and data gathering phases of the project including but not limited to funding, planning, and technical support.
3. Prospect of creating an LGU Council for Indigenous Peoples to oversee the efficient and effective implementation of the project once the ADSDPP is completed.
4. Full support of the Sangguniang Bayan once the ADSDPP will be integrated into various local plans such as the Annual Investment Plan (IAP), Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP), and Forest Land Use Plan (FLUP).

Present at the meeting are other members of the TWG including Engr. Alexis Cortez, head of the Municipal Planning and Development Office (MPDO), representative of Ms. Edelyn Lobo of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO), and Indigenous Mandatory Representation (IPMR) to the Sangguniang Bayan Hon. Roy Bacani. Also at the meeting are community leaders including Floridablanca Ayta Ancestral Domain Federation, Inc. (FAADFI) Chairperson Mr. Ricardo Guiao, Mawakat Punong Barangay Hon. Marilou Bacani, Mawakat Barangay IPMR Nicolas Mendoza, and Nabuclod Barangay IPMR Sweet Mallari.

Through Project Katighawan, NCIP Pampanga Community Service Center, and the Floridablanca LGU hopes to strengthen further the cooperation with the Ayta Mag-indi ICCs/IPs which owns practically almost 30% of the total municipal land holdings, not to mention the vast natural and cultural resources that lies within the 5,400+ hectare ancestral domain. The TWG and the ICCs/IPs are set to embark on this milestone project throughout the remainder of this year.


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