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Pre-Field Based Investigation (FBI) meeting

LOOK: Pre-Field Based Investigation (FBI) meeting today at NCIP Pampanga Community Service for the Certificate Precondition/Certificate of Non-Overlap (CP/CNO) application for an industrial sand and gravel operation of a Mr. Ian Benson Terry Wong in CADT 123.

Pursuant to Section 10 of the NCIP Administrative Order No. 3, Series of 2012 also known as “The Revised Guidelines on Free, Prior, and Informed Consent (FPIC) and Related Processes of 2012”, a pre-FBI conference must be conducted and the following matters shall be discussed, taken up and/or acted upon prior to the conduct of actual FBI:
a. Orientation on the requirements of the FBI process;
b. The identity and other basic information about the applicant;
c. Detailed project profile;
d. Work and Financial Plan; and
e. Other important matters that may be agreed upon

Today’s meeting include a representative from the project proponent, community leaders and the FBI Team.

The overarching goal is to ensure genuine exercise by Indigenous Cultural Communities/Indigenous Peoples (ICCs/IPs) of their right to FPIC, whenever applicable, and to protect their rights in the introduction and implementation of plans, programs, projects, activities and other undertakings that will affect them and their ancestral domains to ensure their economic, social and cultural well-being.

As a national policy, no concession, license, permit or lease, production-sharing agreement, or other undertakings affecting ancestral domains shall be granted or renewed without going through the process laid down by law and the FPIC Guidelines.
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