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PROJECT EPANAW: THE JOURNEY OF OUR INDIGENOUS PEOPLES Central Luzon Launching of Books and Photo Exhibit

We invite our development partners in the government, private sector, civil society, fellow advocates of Indigenous Peoples rights, and the general public to the Central Luzon Launching of Project Epanaw Books and Photo Exhibit on March 20, 2021, at SM City Tarlac (Cinema Hall, 3rd Floor), and on March 21, 2021, at SM City Cabanatuan (Main Atrium, Upper Ground Floor).
When one understands or RECOGNIZES, then one develops deep and profound RESPECT. Consequently, what one respects, then one naturally would PROMOTE – not only their rights but as well as the wonders that make these peoples and communities unique. This volume focuses on the destinations within these domains. Is this tourism then? Yes, and no. While it does highlight the beauty and magnificence of these destinations, it does not seek to capitalize on these destinations as ‘travel’ destinations. Instead, it invites people to go on a ‘pilgrimage’ to these sacred grounds – to walk the paths, not as foreign tourists, but as natives, regarding these grounds as our connections to the divine. Not as destinations per se, but as a homecoming.
EPANAW means journey. We invite you to come to take a journey and discover the divine. Discover divinity and connections to the spirit realms, connections to our higher selves.
It is our hope that after opening your eyes to the beauty of these diverse cultures, you are moved to join us and hand in hand, join our efforts together to protect these Indigenous Peoples and Communities. Our efforts, together, will be a strong bulwark of support and strength for these vulnerable communities.
We journey with them, and we feel their very pains.
And resolve to PROTECT them at all costs.
After all, this journey is not just theirs. This is ours as a people – as a nation.
This is our EPANAW!

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