Stakeholders Forum on the ADSDPP of the Ayta Indigenous Peoples of Poonbato and Owaog-Nebloc (Botolan, Zambales)

Mr. Franklin Cariño, the Indigenous Peoples Mandatory Representative (IPMR) in the Botolan Municipal Legislative Council and a right holder in the Poonbato Ancestral Domain, presenting his community profile. This is part of the Stakeholders Forum for their ADSDPP.

Ayta leader Ms. Elsa Novo, presenting her community’s five year development plan before the audience of their ADSDPP Stakeholders Forum.

Discussions and open forum on the Five-Year Investment Plan with the Local Government Unit and National Government Agencies in today’s Stakeholders Forum on the ADSDPP of Ayta Indigenous Peoples of Barangays Poonbato and Owaog-Nebloc, Botolan, Zambales. The Five-Year Investment Plan is an integral component of the ADSDPP. It contains major development thematic or critical development areas that the Ayta Indigenous Cultural Community identified themselves hoping to be prioritized for the next five years.


  • Abelling
  • Agta
  • Alta
  • Ayta Ambala
  • Ayta Mag-antsi
  • Ayta Magbukun

  • Ayta Mag-indi
  • Ayta Sambal
  • Dumagat (Edimala, Kabolowen Tagebulos)
  • Ilongot
  • Kalanguya



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