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The 8th Central Luzon Inter-Agency Visitation to the Ayta ICCs/IPs under CADT No. RO3-FLO-1206-057-A in the town of Florida Blanca

February 9, 2022: The 8th Central Luzon Inter-Agency Visitation to the Ayta ICCs/IPs under CADT No. RO3-FLO-1206-057-A in the town of Florida Blanca, Pampanga specifically at Barangay Nabuclod.
Present were the Deputy Cmndr, 703rd BDE, Bn Cmndr 70IB, PAF, PNP, line agencies together with other Local Officials: Provincial IPMR, City IPMRs, Municipal IPMRs, Tribal Elders/Leaders & IP Youth plus Barangay Officials.
I. Chairperson, NCIP emphasized the importance of ICCs/IPs Sectoral Unification, Capacity Building, Empowerment & Mobilization.
a. Unification – ICCs/IPs shared a common vision of fulfilling their 4 Bundles of Rights & 36 Specific Rights based on RA 8371 (IPRA of 1997) and their customary laws & practices;
b. Capacity Building – ICCs/IPs are informed, educated, and equipped to be able to handle for themselves all community related activities;
c. Empowerment – ICCs/IPs exercising and initiating the operationalization of their self-governance in their ADs/ALS on community affairs and engaging with outsiders, LGUs, proponents, locators, other stakeholders & agencies to advance their rights;
d. Mobilization – the ICCs/IPs are taking active participation in partnering with other ADs/ALs, national, regional, and local government agencies to include public & private sectors for national unity, peace & stability and sustainable development.
II. The following Major Burning Issues and concerns from the ADs were discussed with identified ways forward:
a. Encroachment/Land Grabbing portion of AD by Non-Ips – Verify whether or not the subject portion of the AD is covered under the provision of Section 56 of the IPRA of 1997. For the NCIP to write all involved agencies or personalities for a dialogue and issue show cause order to those who fail to respond. To facilitate a dialogue with the Philippine Air Force;
b. Landfill project at Tribal Barangay Mawakat by Floridablanca LGU and Berjaya Corp. – To facilitate a dialogue with the LGU and the Berjaya Corporation and produce a relocation survey. To facilitate further a meeting with the Office of the Mayor to personally discuss this issue;
c. Segregation of Tilted properties from the CADT – For the NCIP and all other concerned Agencies Stakeholders, Companies to visit the community and discuss the result of the segregation after AD registration;
d. CLOA issued for Non-IPs inside ADs – The DAR to review their issued CLOAs and assist the IP community in case there are flaws. To facilitate a dialogue with DAR;
e. On other issues, the Chairperson encouraged the community to create their Email Addresses, to continue their coordination with LGU, AFP, PNP and all other NGAs and Stakeholders in addressing their burning issues, directed the NCIP to discuss the possible implementation of the CALOM/CADLA, coordinate with the LGU on water supply/line issues.

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