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The National Commission on Indigenous Peoples Region 3 Conducts its Two-day Regional Management Conference (REMCO) 2 on July 17-18, 2023 at Otel Pampanga, Lazatin Blvd., City of San Fernando, Pampanga

Happening Now: The REMCO 2 highlighted the following:
1) Updates/ Reports from POs and CSCs:
a. GAA 2023 Targets & Accomplishments
b. CMI-funded PAPs
c. Catch up Plans
d. Other Activities/ Accomplishments/ Coordinated PAPs
e. Issues/ Challenges Encountered
f. Wavs Forward – 2nd semester of 2023
2) STO/ PMT Updates and Advisories
a. Discussion on the New Approved OPC
b. Ranking System as Rating Mechanism of DPCRs*
c. Schedule of midyear RMET and Deployment of Biometrics
3) a. TMSD Updates
b. AFSD Updates
c. RHO Updates
4) a. FY 2023 – 2nd semester Regional Physical
and Financial Targets
b. FY 2024 Indicative GAA PAPs and Funding
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