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TODAY: 4Ks-IP CREATESS IADDA of Abelling Indigenous Cultural Communities in Baag successfully launched!

We express our gratitude to the Department of Agriculture (DA) Field Office III for being our partner for significant change. NCIP is committed to the fulfillment of the Abelling ICCs/IPs rights to self-determined development!
ALSO THIS WEEK: 4Ks-IP CREATESS IADDA launching at the Ayta Ambala ICCs/IPs in Payangan, Dinalupihan, Bataan.
NEXT WEEK: 4Ks-IP CREATESS IADDA launching at the Domaget ICCs/IPs in Norzagaray and DRT, Bulacan.
Three (3) more ICCs are preparing for their respective 4Ks-IP CREATESS IADDA launching this month of May (Pampanga and Zambales), while two (2) more ICCs (Nueva Ecija and Aurora) will follow next month!

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